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vacum top for exposure unit

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I am in the process of building a vacum top for my DIY exposure unit....I just purchased the rubber neopreme blanket now I need to get a vacum motor.

I found this on Ebay but not sure if it is what I need.can someone take a look and tell me if they think it is correct for what I am trying to do?

Vacum Pump

Thank You

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i would think it would work. i am going to watch this because i would like to build my own too. were did you get the blanket from?
What draws you to that type of unit? Wouldn't a small shopvac creat enough pressure to give you good contact? I have seen that on other DIY units? I would think too much vacuum and you run the risk of tearing the blanket or cracking the glass top. I too will be watching this thread. It's always fun to see the mechanical mind at work.
Found this on YouTube. I don't know if it's finished but this looks pretty good. Says he got this pump at Harbor Freight.

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PART 2- DIY Vacuum Exposure Unit for Screen Printing PART 2 - YouTube
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yeah...I already seen that video...I think I will go with that pump...found it for 104 bucks......I went with this type of unit because I like the ease of getting the supplies for it......I think down the road I will upgrade to a point light system.....

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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