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UV Window Film: is 98-99% blockage good enough?

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Would a a window film that is supposed to block up to 98% or more of UV light make a room dark room safe for working with screen emulsion?

I'm looking at a couple of window film products from 3M and Gila that block 98-99% of UV light (or so they say).
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Yeah it works... I have not had any problem using Gila. Though I just have two small windows in the room. Here is another happy customer:

Thanks Troy. I searched and couldn't find anything along that line...

I was just worried if it wasn't 100% coverage I'd have a problem. Ryonet responded to my question to their tech support that put some doubt in my mind. They suggest rubylith, but in this situation that I store my screens in a completely dark room. It's a tad worrisome.

Have a great weekend.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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