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uv resistant ink for multiple color printing on vinyl tire cover

Hello, I am hoping to find help or advice on finding an ink or additive for screen printing on a vinyl tire cover that will provide uv or weather resistance. i am currently able to print using regular plasitol, and have gotten around the challenges of overheating the vinyl between flashes between colors or curing.( which will make the the vinyl turn glossy or melt and cause the material to expand or shrink.) I am aware of inks formulated for vinyl, but i am told they will air dry rapidly and i have an automatic press. i am considering a clearcoat to provide protection, but have been told it will turn the image glossy or even change colors. i know this is possible as i have found products like this(Custom BBQ Grill Covers) or (Deer #4 Spare Tire cover) any advice, tips, or general help would be greatly appreciated. TY in advance:)
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