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Using white products

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Just getting back to my spreadshirt shop, which I'm still setting up. I'm using full color print on white, I made two designs and just noticed that that product is not only available in white, but black as well...so my question is how does that affect what the customer sees? Will they see the black option for the shirt? My understanding was that full color printing can't be done on black. I'm not using vector graphics, can I still select shirts which come in colors and only use the white product? Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to this I've been busy with other projects but would like to continue setting up my spreadshirt shop.

Marie :)
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You can check your storefront to see what the customer sees.

If you don't setup the product and actually design it, it won't appear in your store.

I don't think the spreadshirt designer will allow you to actually put a non vector design on a colored t-shirt. It will show up as a choice, but I don't think you can actually put a design on it.

You can have vector graphics with up to 3 colors on dark shirts, just not digitally printed graphics on dark shirts.
Thanks Rodney,.

Okaaayyy...that means four whites to work with, next question, any chance of anymore plain white shirts? I love the style cuts of some of the colored shirts on there, could we, being that we can upload full color, have a seperate just white section someday, anyone know? It'll take me awhile to learn Illustrator, just to make vector graphics.

Marie :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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