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Re: Mesh Counts ?????

monkeylantern said:

Just a quick question, totally derailing this thread.....forgive me. I'm involved in Fairtrade myself, in relation to coffee...and think what your doing is great. But....I was under the impression that "Fair Trade" was a slogan that requires certification from the Fair Trade Foundation.... it doesn't matter if you are actually "fair trade", you have to be certified to use it. Like the Heart Foundation tick....you have to be certified, not just "heart healthy" to use it.
Hi monkeylantern,

I agree with you, we couldn't say we are a Fair Trade company or use the fair trade mark in relation to ourselves - we are an Ethical company. In the case of a company name (such as Fair Trade Wear) however, using the words "fair trade" is ok as it is more of a descriptive than anything else. I don't really know if that explains it... We couldn't make the statement "We are a fair trade company" but our name says "we believe in fair trade ideals".

The fair trade clothing we source IS certified and everything we do is according to fair trade principals. As we are UK-based and all our printing and embroidery takes place in the UK, we cannot call this Fair Trade. This is why our site reads "Ethical Screen printing and Embroidery". We only use the fair trade mark (to follow your Heart Foundation tick example) to demonstrate when a product is, in fact, certified.

- Annie
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