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Using Rhinestones with Metallic Vinyl?

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I have a design that I'm going to cut out of Metallic vinyl then I have a rhinestone design that will go around the vinyl (not on top). The instructions for the metallic say:

Prepare heat press at 290-300 degrees F.
Press for 15 seconds with light/medium pressure (note: excessive pressure will cause metallic colors to back off.
Peel backing cold.

I have a Hotronix press.

I normally press the stones at 350 degrees F, pressure 4 for 12 seconds, peel transfer sheet cool, cover with teflon sheet and press another 12 seconds.

It's my understanding that I should press the vinyl first then the rhinestones. Is having that much of a change in temperature and that many presses going to affect the metallic vinyl?

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I think you would be good to go...I press my rhinestones at 325-330 F for 13 seconds...and I press my vinyl first
I agree, since its a cold peel on the metallic you should be good...

by the time to you get the heat press up to 350 the shirts should be cooled enough
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