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Using pigment inks in Brother printers

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Hello folks, another dumb noobie with a handout here, looking for input.
I have been looking around for a printer for heat transfers, there isn't a huge selection of pigment ink printers out there. I would prefer at least 11"x17". Reliability is the biggest issue, as I won't be using it everyday, and I would like to avoid clogging issues. So any info toward that matter would be welcome.
While searching the forum, I saw a post about converting Brother printers to use pigment inks. This idea intrigues me as I already own a MFC 6490. I understand from this forum that the black ink in the Brother is pigment ink, which confirms my experience testing some heat transfers. The black ink is water fast, while the colours run like Forrest Gump in the jungle.
So let's get technical, does anyone know if the black ink head is different than the colour heads? Are the nozzles different? I have had this printer for a few years and have had no significant problems, it gets little use, and has been reliable. The colours are disappointing, in that they appear washed out on any paper other than Brother paper, which makes a huge difference. Other than that, and the annoying issue of not being able to print B&W when any colour cart is empty, despite Brother's assurance that you can, it has been a good buy.
I have not noticed any clogging issues over the years, so maybe using pigment inks is possible without causing major problems.
If anyone has tried this conversion I'd like to hear about it, thanks.
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Try Epson Workforce models. They print as large as 13X19. I don't think changing dye based to pigment works in any printer. They wouldn't be compatible, & mixing them will turn the ink to a gel.
Does anyone here have any experience with dye to pigment conversions? I am also interested in sub inks for the same printer. Does anyone know if the black and colour ink heads/nozzles are different? The black ink is pigment in this model, I have had no problems in over 3 years.
I missed this post. Sorry.

I use pigment ink in Brother MFC-J6510DW A3 size printers for printing on all sorts of things including canvas.

You can get huge clear cartridges from a few suppliers on ebay that last for ages. Buy pigment inks compatible with Epson - NOT Brother compatible pigment inks.

You will still get nozzle clogging, but if you use the Epson pigment inks in the Brother Printer, you won;t have much trouble cleaning it. most of the time the one that clogs is the magenta.

I've been printing this way for years, so this is not guesswork. I also use Brother A3 printers and Epson Dye Sublimation inks for all my dye sub work. There are issues with icc profiles and matching colours for logos, but I do mostly photographic work so that is rarely an issue.

I usually get the A3 Brother printers when they are on special for around AUD$200, whatever the equivalent is in your currency, that will give you some idea.

There is a problem with the paper feed after a while and there is an issue with the ink cartridge door open sensors and the cartridge lock sensors. It is easily sorted with a bit of thought. A bit like kicking a car tyre to make the engine start. A put the cartridge in and out a few times to fix the sensor problem and lock the little trigger thingy with a screw alongside it in the slot. For the paper feed problem a little sandpaper to rough up the surface of the roller every couple of thousand pages or so gets rid of the smooth spots.

On the other hand, at the time of writing, Brother still doesn;t seem to have ink management chips in their cartridges - which is a very good thing. Especially as the extended cartridges are see through.
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