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Using Parrallels on a Mac with GCC Cutter

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I was wondering if anyone is using a Mac emulating a PC for a Vinyl Cutter wether it be Bootcamp or Parallels & Windows 7.
Personally i'm using a Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6
and the vinyl cutter is a GCC Expert 24
I wondered if anyone could share some light or any tips on how you manage to get it to work? As i've been told this cannot be done, but heard someone has done it, i'm waiting for a response from that member that has

But in the meantime I would be most grateful of other members helpful comments
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There is no reason why Bootcamp would not work as you are running full Windows OS on your Mac. I do that now - not with a GCC cutter but with a different brand. Running Bootcamp is like having 2 computers in one - one running your Mac OS and one running whatever Windows OS you currently have. Granted you will need a full windows OS disk to load into your Bootcamp partition but you should have no troubles at all. I can't say anything about Parallels but Bootcamp should would just fine. Good luck!!
I can't remember if you're the same guy who was discussing the lack of Mac support on another thread, but... if you know anyone who already has a Mac-top with a Windows loader that you can test it with first, I would try to do that before buying anything. Hardware communication doesn't always work as nicely with this kind of thing.
Exactly thats what i'm hearing and I was told it would work, then others say it dsoesn't.
Only prob is the Cutter is brand new & boxed which I got from a person who has a business.
So if I was to unwrap it all and test it and it didn't work then i'd loose money. Obviously be better to flog it new
than used, and all i'd do is use the money towards possibly a GX-24 so would need as much for it as poss.
There's a member everyone keeps telling me that has done it with Parallels & Windows 7 but contacted them & no joy. I'm just hoping they haven't seen the PM and would be happy to help & share advice on this. Failing that i've contacted GCC about it so hopefully their Tech Support can shed some light.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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