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using links and/or redirecting domain - does it affect SEO?

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Hi friends,

Well, after a few weeks of missteps trying to start an online store, I'm finally beginning to discover which don't work for me, and which will probably better suit my needs (I need a simple online storebuilder for the HTML clueless, no OBVIOUS marketplace showing on your store home page (CafePress excepted because price ranges tend to be inline with each other, and no limitations on what you can sell, preferably an automatic Google Base feeder, etc.) I have decided to try either Ecrater or Buyitsellit for the stuff I make myself and CafePress for the rest.

My questions are this:
1.) Both Ecrater and BISI automatically feed my listings to Google Base. If I start a blog or set up a website like Weebly and list my stores on it as links, does this affect SEO in any way?
2.) I believe Weebly lets you use (redirect?) your own domain name, which I do have. If I do this, and then put my store links on it, will this affect SEO?
3.) Do I need to do Google Base for my Cafepress listings? That would be a huge drag if you had a lot of listings.

As you can see, I barely know what I am talking about!
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I do understand in SEO so I'll comment to you-

you should get as many backlinks as you can for the wanted keywords you want to promote in google (focus on long-term keywords.. easier to promote).

you can also open some blogs about subjects related to your main website and link from there.

also do some social network work. it's a new easy way to get traffic and backlinks. for example if you website get into digg frontpage, you'll get tons of traffic + natural backlinks to your website.

Thanks for answering my questions - this is very helpful and gives me a few ideas I will definitely pursue. Though I didn't quite understand what it is, that SEO Black Hat had some pretty interesting articles!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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