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Using Flexisign Rip for DTG

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Has any one used Flexisign rip for there DTG printer?
I have played with changing ink profile for diffrent printers but havent figured how to make it print white ther seems to be a lot ofability with there rip that it might be able to set it up for T-shirt printing.
My customer have me do there signs and would like the same art work on there shirts and bcards. would make life easy if i could
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Try giving Scanvec-Amiable tech-support, the makers of Flexi a call. They always answered my questions.
Last time I called them I needed a credit card before they would talk. My software was to old for free tech.
If I pay for the upgrade they would talk. My system uses window 2000 I can't dump it and change to 7. the software works perfect. Just wonder if any one had tried it.
sorry, I didn't know.
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