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Using Different Size Rhinestone In A Templete

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I am making my first templete for my rhinestone design which has 3 different size stones, 6ss, 10ss and 16ss. I was wondering if it would be a problem if I would heat press all 3 sizes at one time. I bought a lineless transfer pad kit to use with my shirts. Will the 16ss and the 10ss rhinestones sink into the pads enough to heat press all 3 sizes at one time or will I need to make this a 3 step process? I have been searching this forum all weekend to find an answer to my question with no luck at all. I am really excited about doing my first rhinestone design and don't want to run into any problems with stone sizes.

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I have done all three at the same time with no issues. I usually have issues when I have 5mm and larger stones in the same template as 2mm but what I do is press the motif, then turn the garment inside out and press again for a few seconds and takes care of it.
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Ok great....Thanks taricp.
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