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Using CoreldrawX3

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I am using someone's business card for their logos. There's a 1/2 saw blade on top of some lettering. The blade is black and lettering is green. I don't have any trouble getting the blade to the cutter, but for some reason I can't get the lettering to the cutter. The one word looks like it may have been handwritten. I haven't mastered the layers yet, so I am trying to get each to the cutter seperate and then put them together on the shirt. I keep getting business cards for their logos to try on. There must be something simple I am not doing. Would sure appreciate any help I can get.
I will probably keep trying to match up with the lettering on my font list if all else fells.
P.S. Is the business cards the way most customers give you their logos? I figured as much since that is what they usually carry with them. So surely someone has an easy trick to getting it copied off for the cad cutter or something of that sort.
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I'm assuming you have a jpg you are working with? Do a trace (line art) and then you'll have vector to work with ... may take a bit of clean-up, but easier than manually re-drawing everything. Once you have the design in vector format it should transfer just fine.
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