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Hi All!

This has probably been asked many times before but am still a little unsure.

I am printing T-shirts using Water based inks and wanting to know the best method for curing my inks with the equipment I have.

At the moment I am adding Catalyst to my inks but am aware that once mixed it has to be used up within the day. This way I am wasting a lot of ink.
Also, when using white opaque the ink is becoming very hard to remove from my screens and am told this could be down to the catalyst drying the ink so quick (I am using the recommended measure).

I haven't got a flash dryer and will probably not be purchasing one for a couple of months due to the space restriction of working from home. (Am I also correct in saying I do not need a Catalyst with a flask dryer).

I have a heat gun but don't really like using it and it has scorched a couple of my garments.

I have heard of people using an iron. When would I use this and would that be without a catalyst.

The other thing is, the garments don't need to be bagged up for at least a couple of days and am under no real pressure to force dry them.

If anyone can give me any tips or advice on what to do I would be grateful.



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Hi I use waterbased almost exclusively,and now conveyor dry/cure. When I first started it was a heat gun/iron combo.Heat gun to dry enough to take the tshirt of the platten without smudging,iron to cure. I still use catalyst for some jobs combined with conveyor dryer,but agree it is wasteful on ink,as you only get 4/8hrs once catalyst is added.
All the suggestions are valid,it really is what suits your space/finance.
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