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using blank clothing to resell my items

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Hi all,

I am starting a baby clothing company, using blank tshirts and adding an applique. I was looking into either the gerber brand, carter's or similar to add my applique to. Are there any copyright/ or other issues involved in reselling that clothing with my own stamp on it, assuming I keep the label on?

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Yes, all trademark or copyrighted products are a no no! Think about it...If you had a widely recognized product like Gerber would you allow any Joe Blow to make and sell your product??

Now if you get a license to sell there products that MAY be a different story but I doubt they would even give you the approval to do that.

I am not using specifically gerber, but do I need to go directly to the seller, like fruit of the loom or whatever, and get specific permission? Please clarify.
I am also not advertising my products as gerber products, fruit of the loom products, or what have you. I am selling them as my own product, using a tshirt from a different company. It would be great if someone could clarify for me. Thanks!
Since you clarified your intent, yes you can take a fruit of the loom shirt, remove the tag and replace it with your tag. You must leave the part that has the shirt RN/style number and where it's made. You can buy from any blank shirt wholesaler and relabel your shirt with your company information that is perfectly legal.

Sorry about the confusion hope this helps.

FYI...Some here are actually buying t-shirts that are tagless so that you can just screen print, or sew your company's info into the shirt, all you need to have is the country of origin, care instructions and an RN number. The RN number identifies the manufacturer. They are also buying t-shirts that you can easily rip out the tag without having to seperate the stitches. A few wholesale company's offer these as well.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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