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Using a heat press to fully cure plastisol...

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I have a pretty small conveyor dryer (little buddy) and recently go into the habit of hitting some of my jobs with the heat press after they've been printed. I do this to smooth the print on certain designs, but most importantly to assure I have a full cure.

Im trying to do this with some 50/50 hoodies right now and running into trouble with the some of the ink being peeled off when removing the cover sheet (I use stahls partridge paper rather then teflon for a matte finish)

Any idea what could be causing this? I have it set at 330 and am pressing with medium/light pressure for 12 seconds. I've used these settings many times over with success, so I don't know what gives here.

Moisture in the garment? Overcured underbase? Any help would be great. There's only so much trial and error I can do on this particular job because Its a rush and I don't really have time to order new hoodies/re-set up the job in time
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Maybe its the paper. Try one with your teflon sheet and see how it works out.

You said partridge, do you mean parchment? If no, try some parchment paper from your supermarket or Costco to get a matte finish.
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Haha. Yeah, I meant parchment. Unfortunately, I can't try one with teflon. The glossy finish it will leave won't fly with this customer.
I have the same dryer and I routinely finish hoodies with a heat press and grocery store parchment. If the ink is sticking to the paper, you're most likely peeling it too soon after you press it. Give it ten seconds or so and then slowly peel it from one corner to be sure you're not lifting anything off. If any ink does stick to the paper, lay it carefully back down and press it again and this time wait longer before you peel it.

When finishing fleece with a heat press, use only as much pressure as you need to to to get the finish you want on the ink. Too much pressure can make the print spread out a little bit.
Peel the paper off like they do transfer paper, at an angle real close to the surface of the garment, almost like rolling it off. See a vid on applying heat press transfers if you don't get what I mean.
I've recently had the same issue. I print the backs with sponsors then add iron-on #'s on jerseys and my print peels off. It has worked in the past, not sure what has changed.
Today I printed a 2 color logo on one side of t-shirts (only 35 shirts). I flashed on both colors so when I put the shirt on the heat press, the parchment worked great. I set the heat press to 320 degrees and pressed the shirts medium pressure for 15 seconds. I peeled the parchment while it was still hot and none of the ink clung to the parchment. The ink passed the stretch test and I hope I did it correctly. I think I did.
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