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using a brand name shirt

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I came across an outlet that was selling Old Navy shirts and started to buy all that were available but then I thought about it. If I'm trying to create my own brand it would not be in my best interest to use a shirt that has a brand label inside, correct? The brand name was stamped in the shirt which meant i could not cut the tag :D
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Correct. Anyone buying the shirts from you would associate the shirts with Old Navy, not the brand you are trying to market.
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You can also get customized tags or stamp labels for your line if you like the stamp look.

It's possible that you could come up with a label that could be heat pressed over the Old Navy stamp.
what happens when you can't get that shirt anymore?

i spent a good chunk of my day today thinking about just saying screw it and manufacture my own shirts on a very limited scale and charge a whole heckuva lot of money. just playtime in my brain to keep my awake at six in the morning, but i came up with a couple of pretty cool designs out of the exercise. i bring it up because the thought occurred to me that, while it's all perfectly feasible to do, where would i get the material (i figured i might as well go multi-material with it on some designs) so i wouldn't have to retire the shirt after three sales (assuming anyone would buy one! lol)? like i said, just something i was thinking of for fun as i have no realistic idea on how to produce a shirt from scratch. :)
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