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I'm putting together some useful answers to retailers excuses not to buy my shirts and was wondering if we could all share our own experiences as it would be beneficial to all of us.

For example;

Retailer: Sales are slow. Ans: Hey check out my original designs
Retailer: People are spending less on clothes. Ans: I totally agree so instead of spending 300 on a suit or 100 on a pair of jeans, they are more likely to spend 30 quid on a t shirt
Retailer: Wrong style. Ans: Why don't you expand you range for a short time and let your customers decide
Retailer: Ethical is too niche. Ans: Everybody is now focusing on ethical issues, you don't want to get left behind do you? :)

Get my drift? My latest problem is that potential retailers are telling me that we are mid season and they are preparing for Autumn in terms of shop space. What do we say to that? What do we do to promote our t shirts in winter......apart from move to Oz of course. :(

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