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Used VS New Press

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Hey guys I am new here and wanted some solid advice. I have an opprtunity to buy a 4 year old Maxx Press 16 x 20 for around $650. It is lightly used and in good condition. My question is is it worth the risk or should I opt for a new one for $1050.
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After having both new and used i would get it used.

I have a 16x20 and a 20x25 air.
My 16x20 is many years old and they are built like a tank not to much to go wrong and you can get replacement parts if you even need them i have never needed any.

The 20x25 i got used and so far it seems to be working great and i saved a lot on it even after shipping.

The heating elements on them work 100% or not at all so if it works then it is working right part of it can not go out it is all one area that works together.

Also in the long run if you ever need to sell it to get a larger one you can get back what you paid for it.
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Thank you EddieM, I appreciate the input. I am leaning towards this used one.
I've had both. Gently used or at least cared for is a great option. Shouldn't be hard to make back the cost
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