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Hey guys, I run and own a site call MMACrypt.com for MMA fans. It's a small site but growing and I'm getting a few request for t-shirts and stuff. I'm done a few iron on type of shirts that look ok, just don't feel they will last very long and don't feel like it's something I can sell. So I'm thinking about screening a few from home.:confused:

At one time, I was a bit of a screening Guru if I must say ;) I was the production manager of a mug/glassware outfit, we printed decals with ceramic inks, released in water and placed on the mug or glass. Then fired at 1200ish degrees. Also did some type of direct screening on item for single color orders and such. Since I worked my way up to this position, I leaned everything along the way. I made screens, from 160 mesh to 330 mesh, used what we called a newton meter to check the stretch of the screen.

Doped the screen, did a few different processes for this. I think we tried a sticky type of emulsion that didn't work really well. I think we ended up doing a 3 pass type of dope, 1 in, 1 out and last 1 in.

Long story short, I feel I did it all and knew it all. However, it's been close to 20 years since I've touched the stuff and would now call myself Silk Screen stupid.:D Yeah, I remember a lot but I'm sure a lot has changed in 20 years and I never did screen on shirts or hats.

What I want to do now, if fire up a small operation as cheap and easy as possible. I have an special aquarium light that was used for my salt water tank. It's a 6' light with a total of of 1000 watts. 3 metal halide that are 250 watts each and a few Power compacts. I'm guessing I can rig up an exposure unit with it.

I only have an inkjet printer, it's a pretty good one but I'm not even sure if inkjets can print on an acetate type of material nowadays. I went to Staples to see if I could find any acetate to play with but failed.

And that's about all I got.:D Well, I'm still active with CorelDraw and stuff. Actually been using it since 2 and now it 14 I think. But I would need to make screen, dope, expose, make some type of one arm bandit all for pretty cheap. I don't want to dump much money in this cause I don't know what the return will be. So ghetto is just fine for now.

This seems like a good site and I'm guessing some of my questions are already answered. Again, I used to be good at this type of stuff but it really was a long time ago. All input welcomed.
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