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USED Kornit Thunder 932NDS for sale in India

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Well maintained Kornit thunder in Good working condition. As we are moving to Kornit Avalanche we would like to sell the Thunder.

Personally we have been using many Direct to Garment machines, but Kornit has always been the best, Kornit Thunder can be a great machine for T-shirt printing startups. Lowest ink cost makes this a great choice.

At the cost of epson machine now you can own a Kornit.

Asking Price : 30000USD
Live Demo : Tirupur, India
Phone : +91 98437 62413
E-mail : [email protected]

The Kornit 932 NDS Thunder printed on all colored textiles.
With a single or even dual white print incur brilliant
colored results on black material Lien.
All Kornit 932 NDS Thunder consumables according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
tested and even considered safe for children's clothing.
Including PC with RIP software

This printer has several powerful features:
Pretreatment spray system specially developed for textile printing printheads
CMYK and white ink Economical and easy to use.

This innovative textile printer completes the successful textile printing line Kornit to the
Market demanded possibility of white negative pressure.
Vertical height position up to 5cm for printing on thick fabrics and special applications Environmentally friendly color based on certified
Oeko-Tex ink High washing fastness and durability

Pressure / hr: up to 80 Light, up to 40 Dark textiles
Print area: 350 x 450 mm
Print resolution: up to 630 dpi

The pressure field is large with 35x45 cm and it can have a variety of different fibers such as 100% Cotton, polyester blend, viscose, silk, denim, leather, wool, etc.

Of course, white like dark fabrics are printed using the automatic pretreatment.
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