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Used equipment prices, Good Deal?

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I have been doing heat applied apparel for 4 years and have been contracting out a lot of screen print jobs since I went full time a year ago.
Doing my own screen printing was always something I wanted to get into but I was afraid the jobs would not come, well I have definitely found a customer base so now I am looking at equipment.
I went to look at some Brown equipment last week:

Master manual printer 8 station 8 color
Single point exposure unit dyer in the bottom.
UltraSierra 4811, a Harco brand oven. 11ft belt
Wash out Sink, light up screen prep station
Fast Flash 20 by 20 Flash Dryer, 20 amp 208 volt
many extras come with the equipment,plus will give 35 cases of t-shirts/sweatshirts,etc.
Inks,8 aluminum frames,hat platen,pant leg and sleeve platen,numbers screen
different sizes of squeegee sets,inks scoops,all cleaning solvents, etc, etc.

The equipment is 4 years old (second owners), these guys used it for about 25 jobs and it looks it. The equipment is spotless, it looks almost brand new.
It has been for sale since June and in a storage facility for the last year. I called them in June and other things came up so I never called back. He contacted me last week to see if I was still interested.
He was asking $8,800. Is this a fair price. If not what should I offer him. It has been siting for 5 months so he probably will be ready to deal. Or, am I missing something that makes this a bad deal?
Honestly I would rather a 6 color 6 station and a smaller oven but the exposure and flash unit seem to sweeten the pot.

Any input would be appreciated. I'm really on the fence about his.

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The dryer alone is worth 3k used. Plus you get the shirts thrown in. Offer 7500.00. I think it's a good deal- you'll definently make the money back.
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Well if you don't want it, please PM me the contact info. Thanks
Well if you don't want it, please PM me the contact info. Thanks
I will definitely let you know if I don't get it.
Checked out your Myspace you have some really nice stuff!!
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