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Used 30" x 40" JUMBO Pneumatic Heat Press for Sale!

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For sale is a highly productive JUMBO heat press with a 30" x 40" max heat plate area. Uses 220v electric to power the heat plate, as well as pneumatic input (small air compressor - not included) for auto-open / auto-close function. Platen slides easily along bearing track, eliminating the need for platen "legs" (as seen on many cheaper models without the proper structural integrity to support their own weight).

COMPARE THIS UNIT WITH OTHERS FOR SALE IN THE INDUSTRY WHICH ARE LISTED AT $7,000-$20,000! There is no cheaper way to get into the jumbo heat press business than to take advantage of this great opportunity.

This is an excellent press to get you started in the oversized heat press market, since it opens the door to JUMBO transfer applications, including AOP ("All Over Press") dye sublimation and giant rhinestone motifs! This press was used to cure oversized DTG prints which were too large for the standard 16" x 20" heat presses, but we are no longer offering the max print area for DTG so it has literally been sitting around taking up valuable shop space.

Load your garment (or other media), lay the transfer on top and slide the platen into place; once you press the green buttons, the heat plate will automatically close to the desired pressure level (fully adjustable) and for the desired time range (also fully adjustable). Once the heat press cycle is complete, the heat plate will automatically raise up and you can pull the platen out to remove the decorated product(s)! For volume sublimation producers, this press is also capable of doing large quantities of small items in a single cycle (for instance, load it up with a bunch of cell phone cover inserts or keychains and watch your production rates skyrocket).

* Air Compressor Shown as Example - NOT INCLUDED!


  • 220v Electrical Requirement
  • Air Compressor Required (not included)
  • 30" x 40" Platen / Heat Plate Area
  • Automatic Open / Close System
  • Adjust Heat 0-399 Degrees Celsius
  • Dual Start Buttons to Ensure no Accidental Cycling

Obviously, due to the size and weight of this unit it would be more convenient to find a buyer in the general area of Southern California (to avoid costly freight shipping), but buyer may also opt to pay for crating / shipping to have the unit delivered anywhere. We have moved all of our stuff into a new shop on the opposite side of our old business complex, and we do not intend to wire up the new shop with a 220v outlet - due to this, we cannot currently demo this machine in person. However, we do have several printed garments we have made with it, and although the unit is sold "as is", we guarantee that it is still in good working order. Once you plug it in to a proper 220v outlet, the heating element will warm right up and you can begin producing!

For questions about this 30" x 40" JUMBO heat press, please e-mail [email protected] or call 888-317-4384.

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