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Hi all. I'm wondering if there is a host that would provide a very basic redirect service and host it for less than a regular web site.

For instance, if I were to open a store at a fulfillment site, but planned to LATER open my own independent web-site and wanted to advertise THAT url, not the fulfillment url; could I get a cheap redirect from a host, with virtually no web site? Later, when I finished my own independent site, I could pay for a normal service. I know hosts aren't all that expensive anyway, but I was just wondering if there was a super-cheap option since I won't have a site up for a little while.

Is this a stupid idea?:confused:

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could I get a cheap redirect from a host, with virtually no web site?
Yes, you don't need a "host" for that, per se. You just need to register a domain name. Most places that offer domain name registration offer free redirection with their domain name price. It's something you manage when you login to their control panel.

both godaddy.com and mydomain.com offer this type service. Most all the others ones to (be sure that the one you select offers it for free. I think register.com tries to charge extra for it).

Is this a stupid idea?
Nope :) It's a good idea since a domain name is something you can "brand" and advertise on its own. That way if you go to spreadshirt or move to cafepress or move to zazzle, you can keep the same .com "domain name" to advertise (like on business cards and offline ads).
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