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Urgent heat transfers required,uk based

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Hi all, I am a UK based new business and immediately require to source a regular supplier of image transfers for black garments at a reasonable price.

I apologise if this is breaking any forum rules, (touting for business etc) I just have knowhere else to turn, I am desperately trying to source these transfers for an order.

I attend a local martial arts gym and they have given me my first order! whilst being very excited about this I wasnt expecting it so soon! some tshirts and hoodies, of mixed materials (image attached), this will be a regular order too, as every time the boxers/fighters fight they require tshirts and cornermen hoodies.

I have been looking at the subli-dark here -
Sublimation Dark Transfer Paper - Dark Garments | BMS - Sublimation and Printer Cartridges and Edible Inks
this looks like a good solution for the gym garments, previously they have had there logo solvent printed onto white vinyl and adhered to garment, but I have explained this will be a different method, just needs to be washable many times as its gym gear and hard wearing etc.

Can anyone supply me with the subli image or dark inkjet paper transfers I need, ready then to just be pressed on by myself at this end, and if so how much would this cost? Obviously you understand i am trying to make a profit too, but thought this could be win win for both of us.
Really struggling to find someone to help with this, I can place the order with you immediately and transfer payment or deposit etc. This would be an order of about 30-50, just smaller than A4 in size.

thanks Scoff


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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