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uploading pics on a website

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How do I upload pictures of my shirt designs on a website? I haven't gotten a site yet. I'm trying to decide if I can design it myself or get a designer.

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depending on your OS ..

I have a PC and Microsoft Office Picture Manager..whenever I want to email or upload a pic open it up MOPM > File > export > (pop up window will appear) export using this size> either web or email > click ok > replace file > save as

keep your web pictures in a easy folder to find and you can upload them to a website.

I suggest Go Daddy.. you can get a website and email for fairly cheap

use the TF search engine to find coupon codes for domain addresses

good luck
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Thnx much for your response. I really appreciate it.
Hi All,

I think if you are asking the question of how to upload your photos to a website, and dont have a website yet, then I think you should be looking for a website designer. Websites are not complicated things, just a little frustrating to learn at the outset, and if you want your designs online fast, with your own website, then definately pay someone to do it. It will take a few months of learning before you are ready to build a website that will look and feel good.

The other way of going is to look at cafepress and spreadshirt and open a shop through them, you upload your designs, choose what style clothing you want it printed on and it appears in your custom shop. easiest way. Or try selling on ebay (here come the comments....yes its expensive!)

if not its reading a lot of websites for dummies books, and learning to do it yourself. hard work, but not impossible, and can be actually quite fun...

good luck...
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I was thinking about cafepress and spreadshirt but there's just too much competition. I think that I will just hire a web designer.


well competition is a good thing, and just because you are using their printing services does not mean that you have to use their marketplaces. Just integrate all their software into your own website, not too tricky and its a good start to see if your designs will sell.....

cheaper than buying a screen printing press and getting messy, but nowehere near as much fun!
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