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I was wondering if anyone has upgraded to the newest CorelDraw and the advantages of the new tools and if they think its worth it? I right now I'm using CorelDraw 4 and was thinking about upgrading ? I know about the single license also.

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It has been so long since I used X4 I don't think I could remember what the differences are. I am usually on the newest version within a couple weeks of its release. Trying to think I will state some things I think must be new since them, but memory might fail.

  • Improves Transform on Duplication
    Better Mesh Tool
    Interactive Drop Shadow Tool
    Interactive Contour Tool
    Interactive Transparency Tool
    More Import Formats
    Better Font Support Including Ligatures
    Object Hinting
    Pixel View
    64 Bit
    Photoshop Plugin Support
    Dynamic Alignment Guides
    Improved Sylus Support
    Live Sketch
    Gaussian Blur on Drop Shadows
    New Font Manager
    New Ways to Slice Paths, Copy/Paste Path Sections, Enhanced Knife
    New Perspective and Perspective Correction Tools
    Block Shadow Tool
    Symmetry Drawing Mode

I don't know which version some of this stuff entered, but THINK it is all new since X4. X4 is wayyyyyy removed from Draw 2018. You will have to move up at some point as Windows will pass you by. Maybe you don't have to climb all the way up to 2018, but why not?
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