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Upgrading our Press - opinions on 6-8 color Riley Hopkins from Ryonet or maybe DTG?

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I am looking to see what people think. We are a small shop, literally run out of my basement/garage. We have been busy, but recently we have been getting more and more orders for higher color counts. I am trying to get advice on whether to get a DTG system or get a 6 or 8 color press. I like silk screening, that's why I got into the business, so I would prefer to go the press route, but I also want to know what people are using/what I should get. I was looking into the 6 or 8 color Riley Hopkins press through Ryonet. I have some outstanding credits there due to some wrong shipments, and they give me a decent discount. I was just curious if anyone out there has any suggestions or thoughts about either that press or DTG.

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If you feel more comfortable with screening .. I would suggest that you stick with screening but if you are up for a challenge and have the time to learn DTG then go with DTG :)

you can find a used DTG machine (T-Jet 2 or Kiosk2) for fairly cheap either refurbished or someone who has stopped using theirs..
Unless your business is based on low quantity orders, you'd be nuts to buy a DTG machine. Maintenance is high, consumables are relatively expensive, and I know from a local embroiderer who uses one for all her printing that the dark shirt prints hold up poorly to repeated washings, and she has two T-Jets and a big pre-treatment machine.
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