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Upgrade Corel worth it?

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Our main business is engraving and signs but we're starting to test the waters in our area with heat transfer shirts and other items.

Right now use Corel X3 and it's plenty powerful for engraving puposes but now that we're dealing with more colors and graphics I was wondering if upgrading to x5 or x6 offers any andvantages?
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X6 is getting great reviews. You can download the trial to see if it suits your needs. X5 I would stay away from has some bug issues doesn't effect my use by there are many threads about this.
Do you get a lot of files from clients?.....If so, as they start to upgrade, you may run into incompatibility problems....The cheapest time to upgrade is within 90 days of release.......
Royce is correct that now is time to upgrade....as ANY version of Corel can be used to upgrade to X6 for 90 days from release...after that only X4 and X5 can get the upgrade price
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