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unwanted white space on bottom of biz cards

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I know this sounds crazy but just take it at face value. Using Coreldraw X4.

When I print or export full bleed business cards, there is a ~2mm white space added to the bottom, that is not in the file. It appears that the line is being added to the bottom rather than part of the image being cut off.

Any ideas why this is happening or how to stop it? It may not be just business cards but they are the only things I'm creating with a bleed.
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On your page setup is there any kind of border set on it? That is what I would check to make sure there isnt a small border on the bottom.
Is the printer able to print a bleed?

What format are you exporting too?
Okay, I think I fixed the problem- bleed was set to zero in page setup. I've never used that setting before but setting it to .2 seems to have solved the problem. I don't really understand what the setting is for, I already have the card setup to bleed. My printer paper size was just set to zero. Document size was set to 3.5x2.

Well, I just changed the document size to 3.625x2.125 and set the bleed back to zero and its not adding the white line. I'm really not understanding this.

edit: the printer is capable of edge to edge printing but that wouldn't be necessary, I tried exporting to PNG, JPG, & EPS.
With the bleed set to zero, there wouldn't be any bleed, it should still go to the edge, just not past it. When you put in a numerical value, it allows the image to surpass the boundary by that much.
I'm just trying to get it exported correctly so I can send out my cards. I don't remember Illustrator ever having a setting for bleed, if it did I never used it nor needed it.

Well, I'm glad I fixed the problem although I still don't know why it put that white line there. It would seem to me that it would just have exported the card at page size.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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