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This video domontrates a white base technique in the CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint but this technique can also work in Adobe PhotoShop.

When ever I am doing work tasks that I do often I try to to think out side of the box and leverage the features and functions of both vector and bitmap graphics applications. Which is demonstrated in this tutorial.

Before I developed this technique several years ago my staff artist would make errors on white bases trying to choke with vector outlines. After this technique was introduced into the Art Department those errors were virtually eliminated...

I spent many hours developing techniques like this that make work faster and more accurate by learning to use PhotoPaint an DRAW together more effectively.

It amazing what you can do with the Corel Graphics Suite when you know how to DRAW and PhotoPaint together!!!!!

Enjoy and if you have problems with this techinique please post here and I will try to answer you questions as I have time too.


Below are some other tutorials I have posted here in the past you may find them useful also...




1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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