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universal ink for omni dtg printers

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I have a friend who has an Omni model DTG and is looking for an ink that can be used on Cell Phone covers and T-Shirts.... I don't see this model available in the list of DTGs above... just wondering if anyone knows where this type of ink can be purchased.. Thanks in advance..
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Well it will be t shirts or phone cases not both.

T shirts use textile inks, for phone cases solvent or UV (but UV only for UV printers)
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Are you referring to a FreeJet solvent based printer?
Band Prints I have no idea, I'll have to ask him about that. Smalzstein that's the same thing I figured... I asked if the machine had duo heads on it or something because that was going to be a LOT of ink wasted to have to keep flushing it out between projects.... That's when he said there's a Universal ink he's looking for that can print on both.... so idk, just thought I'd ask and see if you guys know anything about it..
Well textile ink with special coating my work for phone cases but those prints will not be to drurable.
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