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United joins Tshirt Forums [Clothing Line]

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I've known about these forums for quite awhile, but haven't started keeping up with them until lately. It's obvious that a lot great information and experienced people can be found on here. It's time for me to get involved in topics.

A little about United:
I founded United Clothing Co. in 2010 (originally named Un1ted; that is why the logo is half of a U connected with a 1). The company is based around the chase for thrill, whether it be an athletic or creative high. My motive for creating the line was wanting a company that every one could feel comfortable wearing...rather than surfers being worried about wearing a skateboarding shirt, or DJs being worried they were wearing an athletic company's shirt. If you would like to get a little more of a feel/vibe of the clothing line, here are the links to check it out:

Hope to both share information and learn from everyone here

- Chaudry
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