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Union ink ..... What Happened ???

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Hi everyone I dont come on here very much ... I wish I had more time, But here Is my question. I have used union bright cotton white Ink before with great results. But I just went and got a new gallon and WOW .... It was better then before, It was so creamy as If it were unions ultra soft red .... Did they change the formula or what has happened ... I am not complaining just blown away ....It also had real good coverage .... I had it in my trunk for a few hrs and it was warm but ..... Oh well I will let it sit and see how it is in a few days .... If its still the same i will go buy a 5 gallon bucket. take care everyone
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Keep me posted I am also looking for a realy good and easy to use white ink.
If it was pretty hot outside and you left the ink in your trunk for awhile, that is what made your ink a little more creamier like melted marshmellow.

Plastisol ink gets stiff to work with in the winter times and a bit easier in the summer.
Thanks for the responces, I have my new gallon next to an old one and I will see in a few days what happens.
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