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Under base very tacky.

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Using IC 7500 plastisol. White underbase, 2 pantones (green and brown) final black. Base 156, top colours 230. Flash can't get any closer to the shirt without touching and have tried raising it further away too.

Lay down white under base and flash for 5. Second coat requires a much longer flash to gel properly and remove takiness - Upto 15 seconds.

If I don't flash for this long, it remains tacky. Flashing for this long overheats the ink and also makes it tacky. Also reduces effectiveness of spray tack, which I'm having to use on every shirt loading.

I have a fan over platen 3. Horizontal, directly over the shirt. It's still not cooling enough.

These shirts are taking ages to print, as I'm having to wait for underbase to cool and reduce takiness before printing top colours. If I don't, the screens stick and pull the shirts off the platen, so it's not a case of more Off Contact needed.

Now, once base is flashed and cool I print brown and green, then flash again for the time it takes to print both. The additional cure means final black screen does not stick at all, but that also is enough time to flash the brown and green.

It seems to me like my white requires very much extended flashing.... More so than I would expect, considering colour-induced heat refraction.

Have tried reducing the second flash, but the second underbase does not gel enough.

Printing onto G2000 cotton.

So, can't reduce second flash or ink does not gel and remains tacky. Second flash for the amount of time needed to gel it and it overheats, creating tacky ink.

Using 5 platens of a 6 platen press (6 has sleeve print platen on)

White is from a 5 gallon bucket. I can't believe it is the ink..... Got to be technique somewhere. Flash is workhorse

Thoughts? More fans? Additive available to reduce white cure times? Anyone else have this with IC 7500?
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You don't need a second white for the underbase. If you have white as part of the design, you will need another screen. God Bless.
Also, I'll add, that you could spray a little silicone spray on the shirt side of your screen. (just print a scrap shirt or two afterwards to absorb any extra silicone.) Has saved me on those stubborn prints.
Agree on second coat.
But is your flash flashing correctly?
Even on our manuals we are 3 inches away. If we have to flash a second coat it sure t'aint 15 seconds.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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