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Under Armour Charged Cotton

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I have a customer that wanted to know if I can print with the 381 Under Armour Charged Cotton shirts. The customer said the tag say it is 95% cotton and 5% Elasticity?. I want to know if anyone have printed with white on these shirts and its results. I told him that it seems the cotton content is OK but I am just curious if someone has any input.

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I have not printed on this specific shirt fabric. From the fabric content, it sounds like you would be fine. But the one thing that you will want to look at is whether the fabric has a post treatment. I know that there are some shirts by Under Armour that has a Teflon-like post treatment that is designed to prevent the fabric from being stained. Unfortunately, some of these post treatments also prevent any dtg inks from bonding with the fabric.

One trick you can do is pre-press part of a test shirt to see if you can burn off any potential post treatments. Then print a design that crosses over the non-pressed area and into the pre-pressed area. Cure it and run it through several laundry/dryer cycles to see if the shirt has the desired washfastness.

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