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Epson really makes a fine printer - as long as they are being used regularly. And I do mean REGULARLY.

Last November, I had to close my shop because of a nasty like motorcycle accident, leaving my Epson 1400 & R260, both fitted with Injetcarts CIS', sitting idle for 6 months...

Needless to say, by the time I was able to get around to
my work, neither printer was functional. The heads were totally clogged.

I ran cleaning cycle after cleaning cycle, and would get some signs of life, but to no avail.

Then I talked with this former Epson repair man and followed his instructions:

1. Start a cleaning cycle and unplug printer at a point where the head will slide freely. Remove all cartridges.
Make sure head is parked where it normally sits whe idle.)

2. Spray the little nozzles that fit into the ink cartridges with Windex or Simple Green and blot up the excess with a cotton ball or paper towel. Wait 15-20 minutes and repeat.

3. Now, using a syringe, slowly flush no more than 2 mil. of HOT water through each one of these little nozzles. Here you have to be careful because the nozzles are a fragile plastic, and you have to seat the syringe on each one to flush it. It takes a little patiences and finesse. Now leave the printer(s) to sit
over night and allow the water to evaporate.

4. Repeat step 3 the following day.

5. Repeat step 3 the day after that. The idea is to give the water enough time to evaporate. You might even want to wait a couple of days between flushings.
I used a series of 5 flushed over 5 days, but I live in
the desert.

6. On the 6th day, I reinstalled my CIS, making sure to purge the air from the lines by pulling the ink through with a syringe. Then I started to print. I used the color purging files supplied by inkjetcarts. I did each color one at a time until I was getting a clean print, and I DO mean a complete page of black, cyan, magenta, etc...

It took about half a ream of paper, but now both of my Epsons are printing like new again!!!

After years of frustration, and 5-6 Epson printers, I now know how to solve this problem and hope I can help someone else when the clogged-nozzle dragon
rears it's very ugly head...


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Take a look in the DTG section for lots of info on cleaning epson heads. Also sucking with a piece of tubing connected to the syringe before pushing fluid thru can help prevent problems caused by pushing. Most of the clogs are either in the top of the nipple at the ink entry point or at the very bottom in the screen metal looking piece where the ink comes out. This is the biggest choke point. Eveything between the two is larger. Soaking the bottom of the head in a cleaning solution / just the bottom 2-3 mm can help a lot. Careful not to get anything else wet. Also leave ur printer unplugged during cleaning and until everything is dry if u get fluid on the top of the print head around the nipples. As it may drain around the head electronics or ribbon cables. This may take 24 hours to dry.
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