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Unable to print color separations

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Hello All!

I am having trouble printing my image when I utilize the color separations tab in Corel Draw. I know the printer itself is set up correctly because it will print my crop marks. Unfortunately my design will not print but it is visible in the print preview section.
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Hard to say without seeing the image, Are you using Pantone spot colors for the design? Need to if you can unless it is a cmyk seperation.

I know CMYK white is invisible to the printer.

If you have a pantone black filled circle and had a smaller cmyk white circle in the middle, It would print like a doughnut.
I changed all my colors to pantone but can't print any of the separations.
When you click on print the print box opens up, then go to seperations tab, place a checkmark in print seperations. Put a checkmark in the colors you want to print and hit apply. Should be able to see the seperate colors in the box below.

If you are using simpleseps are some other software it will be different.
Thanks! I've discovered I can't print when my design is in pantone color. When I change it to CYMK or RGB it will print fine. However, when I am using pantone colors I can't print. In addition, I get an error message regarding spot plates being printed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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