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Ultra Seps or Accu Rip?

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I am ready to purchase some software ( I think)
I am tired of playing around in Photoshop trying to learn halftones. It is just so many steps and time consuming.

I think I want a program that can do halftones with ease. Half the cost of one of these programs is worth the time I spend screwing around trying to figure it all out.

Are the programs easy to use? Are they going to be 4 color press friendly? Will they allow me to put on my home pc and shop pc?

I use an epson 1400
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Accurip is for film output ONLY, really imple and does a great job.

UltraSeps is for color separation

Consider both :)
I watched a video on youtube and the guy was doing halftone with ultra steps 2. But that is through photo shop and I question the ability of proper halftones through bitmap. So accrip is looking like the way to me.
Dj if you are considering a Rip check out filmmaker. If you are wanting the best film output this is the way to go. Do you have Corel also. Simple seps will give the exact output of accurip. Did you buy some frames off me?

Edit: The actions in ultra seps are nothing more then photoshop actions that you can do yourself in photoshop. Also wilflex has a free halftone convertor on their website. I downloaded it a few years back but never tested it. http://www.wilflexeasyart.com/downloads.htm
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I'm not gonna say one is better than the other at creating halftones, I can only say we have been using Accurip for a while now and we like it a lot.
I can say in this order quality of halftones. Filmmaker DTP, Simple Seps-Accurip equal, photoshop and photoshop plugins. I have not tried the wilflex plug in.

I do own Ultra Seps, Tseps, Simple Seps, Filmaker. I test drove Accurip for several months thanks to the guys at Freehand. The all give good results but the Rips give more control over ink density and dot gain. Simple seps allows for ink density by printing rich black if using black and color inks or print from all channels if using all black. Many printer use photoshop with great results. It all depends on what you want your final result to be and what you equipment and your techniques can produce. A few years back I printed several test with all the above mentioned on a 5 color job. This is how a came to my conclusion of quality. Your results may vary.
Sben, It was not me who purchased frame. I was looking up filmamker and I really can not spend 800.00 on it. I have nothing to upgrade it from. $400.00 is pushing it enough as it is. I just opened a shop so between home and store, Bills are not my friend!
What printer. On the shirt board there is guy asking $100 for fast rip and also on digitsmith. You can upgrade that to filmmaker for $195. The full version is $495 unless you need 24" printer.
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Great info

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https://store.cadlink.com/na/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66. Directly from Cadlink.

T-RIP Software. From Scott Fresener. Same price same product rebranded but much more support.

You could be under $300 if you picked up the used Fastrip. The V4 also does seps but I haven't used the sep portion much.

I can't say enough for filmmaker. If simple seps had dot gain control I'd say it would be a close race with the exception of filmmaker has the variable dot tech that epson installed in its printer. The 1400 uses 3 dot sizes per resolution. No other rip does this. They all only use 1 dot size. The new version also states will use FM stolastic dot but I haven't ventured there yet either.
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