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Ulano QX-1 problems and solutions

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So I switched to ulano QX-1 from the regular speedball diazo. I have had no success, until today! So I have thought I didn't know what I was doing until today. I had no clue that the ulano QX-1 was a fast curing emulsion and was exposing it at the 5 minute mark. I talked to a guy named joe at screen printing supplies.com and he informed me that it was a faster exposing emulsion. So I did some tests and found that it exposes so quick that I barely have time to blink! I have a unit that is 1000watts at 12 inches away, and it exposes at 32 seconds exactly. I probably went throught 12 screens before I found that it was a Lowe time than I thought... So this is a post to let people know that this emulsion will expose faster than expected if you are not prepared. So if you are going to use ulano QX-1 be warned...
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12 inches away from your light seems awfully close, unless you're exposing hat press screens.
For a single-point light source, your light should be at minimum the diagonal dimension of your screen. Some say 1.5 times. The reason is to spread the light out evenly over a larger area and reduce hot spots in the middle of the image and fall-off near the edges. That might be why your times are so short to get an exposure. I've got a 1200w Amerigraph MH unit that measures by light units, but I can tell you I might get an exposure that short with a 305 mesh count, but more likely around 2 to 3 minutes with coarser mesh/thicker emulsion using QX-1.
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