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2 x 500W
16" from light
mesh: 50T
exposure time: 2,5 minutes.

oiled paper stencil (ca A4/letter size)

The stencil washed out easily but the emusion remained swollen and slimy. I burned the washed our screen for around 5 minutes. It seems to harden afted it has dried up.

The patter is purposely rough gradiend 10LPI.
The big dots washed out very well but some smaler bits did not wash out.

I tried to expose the same pattern for 3 minutes and it was overexposed.


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Your exposure time really depends on the type of bulb you are using. The wattage is really secondary to the UV output. If you are using standard bulbs you are probably going to need to exposure your screen somewhere between 8 and 12 minutes depending on the mesh count.

While you are washing out the screen, check the squeegee side of the stencil. If it feels slimy or slick there is a good chance that you are under exposing.
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