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Ulano FX88-Sr question

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We need to print waterbased today, of course, found our emulsion for this has expired, tried anyhow...no go. Ran to local art supply that carries Ulano since our professional distribution house is closed on Sunday. We mixed the diazo and the emulsion is still bannana yellow! We are not finding any descriptions for a yellow emulsion on ulano's site. It says it is a blue emulsion. Before we burn 5 screens, anyone out there today to give us clues as to go forward or have we perhaps bought out dated emulsion from a stupid craft store!!!
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o.k., we looked up numerous msds sheets before leaving the above question. Ivett just looked up a msds sheet through dick blicks web site and apparently the emulsion is different than what ulano has on their site for pros. For the crafters looking to purchase at art stores the emulsion works the same but is a different color! Craziness I say! But sooo glad we can get on with our coating!
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