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Is there any reason I shouldn't use Diazo emulsion remover on Ulano QX-1 Emulsion?

I don't know any reason it wouldn't work, but the Ulano felt a lot gummier when I was applying it to the screen.
You should be able to remove QX-1 with any 'direct emulsion' or capillary film stencil remover from any manufacturer, although, I have to suggest you use Ulano No. 4 for the best results.:)

They all use a common version of sodium metaperiodate that attacks the cross links that hold the stencil in the mesh after you expose it.

You don't write what other stencils you have used, or what the actual product you are using now is.

I don't remember ever seeing stencil remover called diazo emulsion remover.

It may be marked that way to differentiate it from gelatin films that use enzyme or bleach to remove from the mesh.

The 2 most common reclaiming problems are letting the stencil remover dry in the stencil - locking it into the mesh and trying to remove under exposed stencils.

If there are not so many cross links, the chemical in stencil remover will actually make a chemical bond to the mesh that only a razor blade can fix.
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