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I've been reading this site for a few months getting as much info as I can and it's been as massive help. I'm gonna start doing design on t shirt as a small business set up, gonna be heat transfer as start up cost is a lot cheaper. Questions are,
1) which epson printer is best for around £300?
2) any ones used city inks?
3) can you get cobra ink in the uk?
4) silhouette cameo worth getting?
5) do ink transfer last if done right? Hear a lot of bad things but is that from a time gone by?

If people can help I would be very grateful, can even get a free shirt off me :) lol

Kind regards Karl
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If you are going to get a cutter, I recommend you get one that is at least 24" wide as it gives you more range of vinyl to choose from. Perhaps check out Secabo in the UK?
I will definitely have a look at them, is it a simple as having your design on the software trace you image on it then put your transfer paper in the cutter then the magic happens? Very new to this so please be patient with me lol.
You can trace a JPEG or Bitmap image with InkScape, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or other graphics program. You then clean up the trace and bring it into a sign cutting program and cut your vinyl. Depending on the type of vinyl you may need to cut the mirror image (such as with some heat transfer material). You can also cut directly from Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator directly with most cutters.

This page has a good step by step process you can read through to aid in your understanding:

vinyl cutter
Thank you that's a massive help, do you have any thoughts on good epson printers? And a lot of people mention cobra ink, which is hard to come by in the UK. Is 3rd part inks the best?
For Epson printers, they are all good. Just depends what fits in your budget. 3rd party inks can be tricky. You need to find a good reputable source for them. A place like Supply55 in the US would be good but I don't know about a UK source. Be careful with 3rd party inks.
The ink that comes with the epson will that be good enough? I wish we got cobra over here, only hear good stuff about it. My only really other worry is will the product last? I take it over the years it's come on along away. I know silk screen and digital have better reputations but the start up cost is just to much.

I would also like to know how long cobra ink would last. Is it going to fade after a its been through the wash a few times. Also do you have to wash at cold temp. Can you iron over print when washed

Thank you in advance
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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