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Hi all,

I've been working in an embroidery business for the past 5 years and now decided to venture into it.

I have already received my 6 head machine and run a few orders.

The previous company I worked for had a large emb unit and were using madiera threads.

I decided to continue using the same thread but now because of my small volumes I'm paying a lot more from a local distributor.

Can anyone guide me on the way forward?? what prices are you paying per 5000 m cone?

Are there other good options apart from madiera?

I've heard of sulky & marathon being good quality but I'm not sure how much of that is true.

Thank you for your help.

Sam :))

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Hi Sam, I used to use Madeira Classic 40 thread. I have converted over to Gunold Poly, and haven't looked back.

They are £4.15 + Vat for 5000m. You can get them from GS UK in Nottingham.

Don't be put off with the cheap price, It is very good thread. Its very rare I have a thread break now.


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