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Hi Forum,

well I hope its ok to post this question in this forum as there were so many choices I wasn't sure! The site is great and I have been hanging around for a while, but now its nearly time to launch out and I'm getting the nerves about some of my decisions!

I wondered if it is acceptable to ask for others experience with a particular supplier? I have started my own brand, firstly by setting up a website, designing a logo and planning a theme and business concept. I have now also almost completed the artworking and seperations for my first 4 t shirts. They will hopefully look good! I have been in contact with a couple of T shirt print and supply companies here in th UK. One is called Indigo and I know they are a big company. Their prices seem similar to another company I like the look of called "I DRESS MYSELF", possibly a bit cheaper and they have a wide range of T shirt options. So really my question is has any one used them and was everything ok?

I am only looking to do small numbers at first. Partially to test to water, but mainly because the investment costs are coming from me, so they are limited. So we're talking about 150 - 200 t shirts in total over the 4 designs.

I haven't done anything like this before, but so far I've definitely put in a lot of time!! I've also sourced a supplier for branded labels, which when I finally have these T's printed I'll get stitched in.

So any advice about the companies I've mentioned, or any others that come recommended for speed and quality, would be great.

If this is in the wrong section then I apologize, hopefully it can be moved?

Thanks for any help.

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