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Yes most people charge the same and pocket the VAT difference for sales to the US.

If you are going after the US market then price is a tougher consideration. The consensus of a t-shirt price seems to be some what lower than ours. If your t-shirt design is original, never to be found anywhere else, and sparks impulse buying, then you will find your market can tolerate a higher price. I've definately proved this with many designs I sell and also shop the same.

I was recently selling a black tee for $26.99 and it sold like hot cakes. It really does depend on the demand for it.

First question to ask yourself is, are your UK t-shirts priced correctly? How have you come up with the £13-16 figure? As long as you cover your costs, stay competitive, and make a profit then your price is correct. You may want to reconsider your profit margins if you are impeding on your competitiveness. Saying that, to me, it seems like a very fair price.

One way to really test it is to do some PPC advertising. Set up two campaigns targetted at the US. Make the page seem like a limited offer. Each page should sell tees at two different prices, high and low. The pages must be completely identical apart from the price. Now you can effectively work out the price toleration from the conversion rates. And you will know that "price" was the only factor that affected the outcome.
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