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Type Setting Names with Corel X4

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Hey!! I have done this the hard way too many times to tell but can anyone tell me how I can import the names from an excel file into Corel in a format where I can work with them without having to retype all 250 names......The names are listed in alphabetical order in the excel file and I just need to take them and put them into 4 rows.....I just don't have time to type these :)
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I have not done this will an Excel file but a word file, could never get the Excel file to work. Here is what I did. Copied one row of names and pasted it into word. Removed the names from the table, saved the file and opened Corel. There I typed a single letter on the page, when to Text and Edit Text, selected Import and imported in the word file…list of names… done.
you may want to try the print merge feature - here is a video for it: CorelDRAW Printmerge Advanced - YouTube
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You can also save the excel file as csv (coma delimited). Open the new csv file in notepad, and just copy and paste all the names into Corel Draw. You will have to delete the comas that separate the names though.
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