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Type of Ink in CISS for Epson WF 30 from Macro Enter

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Hello Everyone,

I'm a newbie and wondering of anyone has bought a CISS for Epson WF 30 from Macro Enter. Actually, I just recently bought one and the CISS has ink in it. I sent an email to M.E.'s customer service asking about the type of ink but I just can't wait for the answer. Perhaps if anyone of you could have bought from M.E. before and advise me the type of ink it has. Would be a dye ink, pigmented ink, sublimation ink, ultrachrome ink, etc or is it ink at all? My intention to use sublimation ink. If it is not sublimation ink, what did you do to dispose or utilize the ink in it before filling the CISS with sublimation ink?
Thank you in advance.
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It has dye ink on it. You can take all the ink with a needle or just pour this out of there , of course it will never be completely empty , you will have to put the sublimation and let this run to the printer until it gets on the lines completely. Not sure if this is the best way.
thank you very much! It's a waste to see 400mL of dye ink go. Anyways, right now, I am evaluating durabrite ultra ink (ink that comes along with Epson WF30). I hope it turns out right. thanks again...
Or you can get a empty system and just refill this with sublimation ink.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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