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  • We are located in Dallas Texas
  • I need a real flexible printing service that we could do business with for a long time. Preferably some one who can do vinyls, foil paper press, and screen printing.
  • We are a fairly new company so we do have a limited budget. We need shirts for our models to wear so we may order anywhere around 2-5 per shirts per design. We also order large orders for sale.
  • We need both dark, and light color printing.
  • As long as its high quality we don't really care we like different feels to our shirts and we want something durable, nice looking, and affordable for our customers.
  • We have a guy that does our printing for us and does a pretty nice job but he does not do vinyls and transfers. He gives us a pretty competitive price for white shirts starting @ 3.99 Colors @ 5.99 (5 colors on Hanes shirts). downside for us is that we need a 20+ order and right now we are looking for around 5 per design.
  • We also like V necks that are around 2-4" deep he does not stock them but runs around 10 per shirt if you could beat this price that would be awesome.
  • If you could also custom label our clothes via screen print that would be a huge+ too
  • Big business or home run business both are fine
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