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Two Color Vinyl Printing

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Hello all,

I'm attempting to do my first multicolor vinyl print of just some letters. When I was doing one color I would mirror the image. My question is with two color printing, do I still image both or do I just do one and overlay the other? I been trying to look at tutorials on YouTube but I can't tell if they are mirrored or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you really mean printing?.....Or are you meaning cad cutting heat press vinyl?...
If you just cutting it out of vinyl you mirror both images. When you press the first try to only do it or a second or two. Just long enough for it to stick. You want to try to minimize shrinkage because that will cause your second color to not line up right.
Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant vinyl cutting. Again...newbie. Thanks for the help.
So yes you will need to mirror your vinyl.....Also, do the colours overlap?....If so, it is a good idea to adjust your art so the overlap is quite small....

The overlapping S is actually slightly larger than "knockout" in red....So you only get a small area with overlap so your material does not become too thick...


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If this is on a garment then you want to account for shrinkage in the product over multiple pressings. Press for less tome until you do the final layer.
Be careful when you decrease the dwell time on the first layer. Not all materials are created equal when it comes to it sticking to the shirt with a shorter than recommended dwell time. I suggest you do testing first to make sure it'll stick.
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